Gulf Coast Mineral, LLC is an Alabama Limited Liability Company, located in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Founded in 2003 by Gary and Patricia Billingsley, who both have extensive family histories in the energy industry. Gary's father and uncles worked the oil fields of Illinois and owned energy companies. Gary's Grandfather retired from Pure Oil Company. Gary has over 35 years experience in the oil and gas industry working as an operator, an expert witness, and has many years experience in lease and land acquisition. In addition, Patricia's grandfather and uncle had a well-servicing company in Illinois and owned a refinery in Texas. With this background, Gary and Patricia moved in 2001 from Illinois to the Gulf Coast area.

The company's initial focus was on exploration and procurement of interests in oil and gas wells.  As a non-operator, Gulf Coast Mineral, LLC and/or Gary and Patricia have invested with industry partners and own interest in wells in Mississippi, Illinois, Louisiana, Texas, and Alabama.

In June of 2006, Gulf Coast Mineral, LLC purchased and began operating approximately 40 miles of a gas-gathering pipeline/transportation system and five Miocene gas wells in Baldwin County, Alabama. They also transported gas for other operators.  In January 2008, Gulf Coast Mineral, LLC began operating the West Falco Leases and the Pleasant Home Unit in Covington County, Alabama.

Today, Gulf Coast Mineral, LLC owns and operates over 16 oil and gas wells and the gas transportation system and is creating high impact development and exploration drilling in Alabama's Baldwin and Covington Counties.  Gulf Coast Mineral, LLC is involved in the drilling and production acquisition stages of the oil development cycle. Gulf Coast Mineral, LLC continues to focus on increasing net asset value by participating in active drilling programs in partnership with established oil and gas companies and operators.

Gulf Coast Mineral, LLC shares its oil and gas opportunities with other industry partners and qualified private parties. Please contact us by email for further information.