Pipelines safely and silently deliver natural gas to the surrounding communities and businesses in the State of Alabama. Gulf Coast Mineral, LLC own 38 miles of natural gas pipeline near Gulf Shores, Foley, and Orange Beach, Alabama. The line is marked by appropriate road crossing with Gulf Coast Mineral's name and phone number.

For your knowledge and safety, Gulf Coast Mineral wishes to provide you with information on how to recognize and report a leak.

Pipeline leaks are discovered through silent bubbles surfacing where they are not usually detected, pooling of liquids, vapor clouds or sounds of "roaring" or "hissing". Smell is generally not distinct; however it could occurs as a mild sweet odor.

Gulf Coast Mineral's first concern is for your personal safety and the safety of those around you.

Follow these steps:

1. Leave the leak area immediately and warn others, if necessary.

2. Do not make contact with the escaping gas or liquids.

3. Avoid creating sparks or sources of heat that could cause the vapors to ignite. Do not light a match, start an engine, use a telephone or even switch on an electric light.

4. Turn off any running machinery (engines).

5. Call the local emergency response agency and the pipeline owner immediately from a safe location.

Please report all suspicious activity to your local authority or to us. Suspicious activity constitutes as person(s) on or near a pipeline or pipeline system who are not performing obvious pipeline operation activities. Reporting suspicious activities is a proactive way to prevent damage to the pipeline system and/or those close by.

Please report any damage to the pipeline system or any observed conditions that could threaten the integrity of the pipeline system. Examples are exposed pipeline, subsidence, sink holes, dead vegetation, or unstable soil.

The Department of Transportation requires Gulf Coast Mineral, LLC to have a damage prevention program. The purpose of the program is to prevent damage to facilities by excavation activities. Excavation activities include excavation, blasting, boring, tunneling, backfilling, the removal of above ground structures by their explosive or mechanical means and other earth moving operations.

Gulf Coast Mineral, LLC subscribes to the Alabama One Call Center for requests to locate facilities. State law requires that a 48 hour notification be given prior to excavation, except in the case of an emergency. You can now call 811 from anywhere and reach the appropriate one call center. In the event that the Alabama Once Call Center is not called and damage occurs, Gulf Coast Mineral's policy is to bill for reimbursement of all associated repair costs including the cost of lost gas.

If you plan any type of excavation, please call 48 hours in advance. Upon your notification we will locate our facilities for you before you start excavating. Our facilities will be marked with color-coded flags or spray paint. The American Public Works Association Nationwide uniforms color-code system will be utilized as follows: Yellow - Natural Gas.

If you plan to excavate, please call the Alabama One Call Center at 1-800-292-8525 or 811; this is a free service to you and is required by the State of Alabama.

Gulf Coast Mineral, LLC: 251-948-9681
Gulf Coast Mineral, LLC (after hours): 251-424-8287
Local Emergency Services: 911
City of Foley - Riviera Utilities: 251-943-5001
City of Gulf Shores - Utilities: 251-968-6323
City of Orange Beach - Utilities: 251-974-5216
Baldwin County Highway Department: 251-972-8530
Gulf Shores Fire Department: 251-968-7422
Foley Fire Department: 251-943-1710
Orange Beach Fire Department: 251-981-6166
Baldwin County Sheriff: 251-937-0202


To get more information on pipeline safety you can visit:

American Gas Association (AGA) (www.aga.org)
American Petroleum Institute (API) (www.api.org)
American Public Gas Association (APGA) (www.apga.org)
Association of Oil Pipe Lines (AOPL) (www.aopl.org)
Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA) (www.ingaa.org)


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